We love the iterative method by which business challenges become powerful, profitable solutions. And we know that effective collaboration between customer and developer is absolutely essential to creating business-changing tools. Over the course of building over a hundred database software solutions, we have established and refined a proven, people-oriented methodology that consistently meets our customers' goals.


  • Initial meeting in which we aim to gain a clear understanding of the project's business objectives
  • Preliminary brief, a short document we prepare that outlines broad requirements, and a rough timeline and price for the development cycle
  • In-depth requirements phase, commencing upon client acceptance of our preliminary plan, a period of careful requirements gathering, at the end of which we write a detailed plan optimized for timeline and budget


  • Design, during which we are in constant contact with you, the customer to review progress and fine-tune requirements
  • Build, when the agreed-upon design is coded, tested and deployed.

Within a development cycle, clients may add and change requirements, our process is designed to accommodate those adjustments. We can modify features and timelines to meet changing objectives.


  • In some cases, we can be available 24/7 and assume all database administration responsibilities. At other times, we share duties with customer's IT staff.  provide certain services on a routine basis (such as data refreshes, custom reports and analysis) or collaborate only when needed. We are as involved as our clients want us to be.